Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food
— hippocrates

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The Supergut Diet is a microbiome reboot, a four-week plan designed to promote optimum microbiome health... and in doing so, help you to become your most vibrant, healthy self! Your microbiome plays a role in weight loss, immune function, hormonal balance, depression, anxiety, and general mental and physical health. Caring for your microbiome can lead to a balanced, healthy, vibrant life.

I find it helpful to think about my gut as a garden, a garden that needs you to provide it with some TLC so that you can be rewarded with a big bountiful harvest. But before you can reap the benefits, you have to help your "gut garden" grow. You have the power to create environment where good bacteria can flourish, by providing your microbiome with the materials it needs to grow, and by minimizing "natural disasters" that can cause significant damage to this fragile ecosystem.

At it's core, The Supergut Diet is about adding in delicious foods that nurture your microbiome, learning to become a mindful eater, and minimizing foods and lifestyle choices that are harmful to your microbiome. The next Supergut Diet course starts March 22nd--sign up for the mailing list to receive updates!