I am large, i contain multitudes.
— walt whitman

About Dr. Gupta

Sarah Gupta MD is a board-certified psychiatrist with a special interest in the human microbiome and its role in mental and physical health. After completing her degree in Art Practice cum laude at UC Berkeley, Dr. Gupta attended medical school at the University of Nebraska in Omaha. She completed her psychiatry residency at the California Pacific Medical Center, where she served as Chief Resident. She now practices medicine in San Francisco, and also works as the Senior Medical Liaison at uBiome. in addition, Dr. Gupta has completed the Food as Medicine Professional Training Program though the Center for Mind-Body Medicine, and has been a featured speaker domestically and internationally in a variety of settings. 

Dr. Gupta works with patients in a holistic manner, and offers both psychodynamic psychotherapy and medication consultation. She especially enjoys exploring concerns related to sleep, anxiety, sexual function, and interpersonal relationships. She is also passionate about mind-body medicine, and enjoys working with patients to address the root of their current condition--including addressing the health and wellness of their personal microbiome. Note that Dr. Gupta has also had the pleasure of working with patients from a wide variety of sexual, gender, ethnic/cultural, and relationship orientations. 

Dr. Gupta is not accepting new patients for the remainder of 2017, but is generally available for local or remote consultations (California residents only) exclusively through Pacific Coast Psychiatric Associates in San Francisco. Dr. Gupta is an in-network provider for many insurance plans, and is also available for consultations on a fee-for-service model.

Please note that at this time, Dr. Gupta is not not able to answer clinical questions by email, but welcomes your thoughts and comments. Feel free to drop her a line!

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